Best Practice

Best practice at international level is detailed in the International Association of Human Interaction Organisations white paper of 2018.

It sets out definitions of what Animal Assisted Interventions are and has produced a guideline for Human and Animal well being in Animal Assisted Intervention.

Over the last three decades, in the UK, the Society for Companion Animal Studies has worked with its members, practitioners and researchers in the field to:

  • Develop national standards and guidelines for the delivery of AAI
  • Establish a network of practitioners and providers to share knowledge and exchange ideas
  • Deliver good quality training courses
  • Disseminate research and latest findings in the field
  • Ensure high standards of animal welfare in the delivery of AAI
  • Improve accessibility to AAI services and to enable the development of AAI programmes

Yet most small to medium organisations struggle to be recognised for the work they do, is looking at compiling a register of organisations that undertake good work to high standards, those that work to the IA HIO and SCAS code of practices.

The IAHIO white paper can be found here
The SCAS code of practice can be found here

In addition The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) is a supportive organisation for the scientific and scholarly study of human-animal interactions. and can be found here